Beauty Applications for Smartphones Vol.1

Strange but this occur to me recently; I was thinking if the phones that we use these days with all their smart stuff can provide some useful and functional Beauty Applications.
The answer will appear later along with my opinion.

Since I own Android phone myself, I will start exploring its Android Market first. Almost forget to mention, I am so biased towards paid applications, so I am going to tell you about free applications.

Honestly, for the first time I was surprised with the search results. Screen filled with tons of apps starting with “beauty”, but apparently only the name was somehow connected with what I was looking for.
After careful sorting I found out that there are several Beauty related types of apps, which you can actually use.

Beauty Tips- it’s general name for apps that provide everyday/home remedies/green advices for everyday beauty routine, some include nail care tips (I actually liked most).

Beauty Reviews- this category includes both official apps from famous magazines and from independent software geeks.

Beauty Cameras and other Miracle Cameras- for the first look it seem least related to Beauty, but since Photoshop and other photo correcting programs become essential part of Beauty industry; I assume simple people can also use one-hand easy apps to improve pictures to look “red-carpet fabulously”

Makeovers- totally about Beauty, makeup makeovers and hair style changes. But, it looks very strange when you try to apply unblended eye shadow or hat type short hair style. Or maybe it’s just me being way to judgmental.

Despite all of my not so positive experience, I made a list of apps which I tested myself. Screens are not from my phone, for obvious reasons.

Natural Beauty Recipe- this one included my favorite nail care tips and advises.
Beauty Products eventually created application for Smartphone; same quality of reviews, great database, a lot of useful information. Actually I don’t know how many of you trust this source, but in case if you do; try this app. Beauty Camera – this app allows you to adjust brightness, tonal, smoothing and some more functions. Of course it has several sharing options; quite handy and easy to use for quick picture retouching. Makeup Makeover – I would use this one only as a guideline and if you don’t want to try on thousands of looks, because you have to wash/moisture/laminate your face many times.
Interesting thing, most of apps require internet connection to perform, thus I think why to bother yourself downloading/installing those, when you can follow your favorite blog on Twitter or simply use RSS subscription, well if you just can’t do without apps try Pulse. It allows you to create your own news sources based on your interests; including Beauty Reviews, latest Beauty and Fashion news and trends.

Although I sounded a little disappointed, my next research will be on iPhone Beauty Apps. Let’s see what they got for us.

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