Are you ready for Spring?

They say spring is already here, well can’t agree with that. It’s still chilly and windy, I’d say give it a couple weeks more and Spring will be here. Why am I talking about spring? Just wanted to ask if you got yourself some spring goodies?

What are the spring goodies you might ask? Oh, please, don’t be shy 🙂 all of you know about the trendiest products must-have items.

  •  BB-cream, I think all of should agree that during warm season switching to something lighter is a good idea (no clogged pores, no sweating etc.)
  • Light moisturizer for the reasons look above.
  • New hair cut. We need change, even hair after long winter  in hat need some refreshment.
  • Nail polish from any spring collection, I went with Illamasqua Scarce

I’d say that’s it, but I would be lying 🙂 don’t forget to get yourself something new from Mont Bleu.

Enjoy your spring.

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