8 most common questions about sunbathing

Well, it is middle of the summer, can’t tell you it’s hot summer here, but I hope there are some places where you can get natural sun tan.  All we know about importance of creams with SPF filters and yet there are questions left to answer.
Sun is a source of life energy and good mood, but let’s not forget about dangers hiding behind sunny weather.  Here are the most important things we should be aware of.

How to prevent skin irritation?

Leave sunscreen with preservatives and perfume additives, get yourself gel sunscreen.

Should you wear sunscreen in shadow?

Always!  Even under the tent half of the UV lights get onto the skin and clouds only hold about 80% of those lights.

When you should apply sunscreen?

Ideal time would be 30 minutes before going under the direct sunlight, don’t forget reapply it during the day especially after swimming.

Could vitamins help to prepare your skin for sunbathing?

Vitamins C and E along with beta-carotene will help to increase skin protectance.

How to protect children from sun damage?

Only clothes made from natural high dense cotton will protect your child from UV lights.

What’s the difference between UVA and UVB?

Foremost both of lights are harmful. UVA penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB.

“Australian standard” what is that?

Sunscreens meeting this standard (about SPF + factor) will actually work on your skin.

Does opened bottle of sunscreen loose its protective features?

Sure it does. Don’t forget to change it regularly.

Well, let’s hope for the best and enjoy natural sun light, because you know I always vote for the natural. Ah, talking about natural, don’t miss my confession about home spa or most controversial peeling ever on Friday.

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