8 facts about hair

After long and very productive week, it’s time to learn something new you might not know.  Very interesting facts about our hair.

  • Each hair grows for about 0.35 mm during the day.
  • 35-45 Celsius degree is the best water temperature to wash your hair.
  • 84% of women population use visit to hair salon as natural mood booster.
  • Hair loss affects 60-70% of men and 25-40% of women.
  • Daily we lose for about 40-80 hair, if the number is far larger…time to make an appointment with doctor.
  • Our skin is covered with hair for 95% (pretty hairy spices).
  • During our life each hair bulb can grow about 20 hairs.
  • There are 300 000 products preventing or lessening hair loss, more than any other drugs from any other disease.

And you know what it just appeared to me that our company also has product preventing hair loss. Hair brush with natural boar bristles…daily use of it helps blood circulation and in general is good to brush your hair.
Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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