7 newest cosmetic products with natural components

Gardens and forests give us ultimate sources to preserve our beauty.  And it could become great waste, if we don’t use it. Plants, trees and flowers share with us their healing and other features.  Let’s see what beauty industry offered us recently.

Cochlearia Officinalis or Scurvy Grass

Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Comfort Cream Vital Light Night by Clarins

“Pioneer-plant” it fights for its survival on salty and rocky ocean shores, always helped sailors to prevent sea scurvy.
What it does to your skin: lowering the crucial for cell process of glycation and aging altogether.


All About Eyes Serum Roller by Clinique

It can be found not only in the beer, but also in light sleeping pill and antidepressants.
What it does to your skin: Same as for neurological system: calms and reduces irritation.

Camellia or thea

Hydra Beauty Sérum by Chanel

Coco Chanel valued Japanese Alba Plena for its freshness, beauty and absence of smell, which could compete with her aroma №5
What it does to your skin: active component extracted from flowers, teaches skin to keep the moisture.


Ovale Lifting by Yves Rocher

Cold, winds  and dryness resistant, this tree capable to restore heavy-cropped soil .
What it does to your skin: synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and epidermis strengthening.


Eau Radieuse Angelica Face Toner by L’Occitane

Meadow grass with umbrella-flower grows really fast and has distinct vitality qualities.
What it does to your skin: Essence from its roots improves metabolism, and essential oil protects from free radicals.


Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque by June Jacobs

American natives cure burns with pumpkin much, and Indians cure migraine applying it onto forehead and temples.
What it does to your skin: Aside from various vitamins, mineral and beta-carotene, this valuable vegetable protein-degrading enzyme, that degrades dead cell without traumatizing skin.


Pure Active Roll-on by Garnier

Key features of this wonderful berry are well-known, it helps to improve vision, regulates stomach, and recently scientists discovered one more important quality it prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s.
What it does to your skin: Blueberry essence thanks to whitening and anti-inflammatory characteristics, it removes acne signs.

Let us be responsible for what nature has given to use and let us use it wisely.

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