6 unusual beauty products

To be honest, I am not beauty geek or beauty addict, so sometimes I get really confused when I see some of beauty treatments.
There is no doubt in ongoing researches and scientists’ work, they do create new formulas and solutions to improve modern beauty industry offer, although some of the innovations still look strange.

Body Butter Duo from Body shop comes in twin pot with two types of body moisturizer in it: light texture for less hydration and rich cream is for your elbows and knew. Apparently, one is not enough nowadays.

Or, do you remember looking for a car that looked like wet asphalt? You liked that charcoal color so much, well because it is convenient, car painted in this color doesn’t require much of a washing.  Givenchy offers us Le Soin Noir Serum that maximizes skins firmness and density, with smoothing actions and complete moisturization and all of it due to Black Algae. If you are still having doubts, don’t worry your face color will be even better.

If you feel like scaring someone in the dark, or you just want to scare your boyfriend with Fantômas/Avatar look try out masque Bleu from Académie.  20 minutes of masquerade and you will get smooth as silk skin.  In my opinion, totally worth it. For those who liked to combine utility and attractiveness, Earthly Body has created 100% vegan candles, that do not have any paraffin or wax in them, but do have hemp seeds, jojoba, apricot and other natural oils, plus these candles melt into warm, silky massage oil with huge range of scents.

What about quick and easy hair volume? Got2Be came up with Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder. Simply sprinkle on your hand and rub into your hair roots.  It may not feel strange for some of you, but for me applying something that looks like a talс into my scalp is very, very uncommon. When mix with water Moroccan Argan Oil turns into silky Oriental Shower Oil by Yves Rocher.  It gives you same feelings like you’ve been on day span in Turkish Hammam.  This shower oil has silky formula that creates a delicate, milky lather on your skin. Well, this skin care product is least strange.

Do you know any other strange beauty products?

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