6 easy steps to prepare your skin to winter

Lovely summer has left, and rainy autumn is already around us.  Sunny days become rare, it rains often and we are trying to stay inside as much as we can. But due to our stay indoor, skin suffers not less than from cold or hot temperatures.  During the summer it pined from hot sun and dry air, well there is much drier season coming-winter.  To prevent seasonal skin issues, I have few advices for you.

Skin during the winter

Cold winds smother your breath, you feel asleep all the time and you are experiencing enormous lack of sun shine.  Chill weather and drastic temperature change not only affect our mood increasing depressions, but also negatively affect on our skin.Skin gets irritated, peels off, loses its tonus due to moisture loss. Skin becomes dry, and possibility of quick aging increases for about 10 times! Moreover, sensitive hand and face skin loses its sensibility because of cold too.

But changes are happening not only outside, but also inside our bodies- vessel which have been also influenced by temperatures become thinner.  From the constant stress working, vascular walls break creating so called “vascular net” or rosacea that appears even on face.  To prevent all unpleasant consequences, you have to prepare your skin to cold winter season in advance, taking prophylactic measures.

Skin care during the winter

First thing to do is to revise and renew your cosmetic bag. All skin care products with light texture have to be replaced by rich creamy ones (for dry skin) and for gel based products (for oily skin).Try not wash your face with tap water, bottled water is much less chlorinated.  Also you could make ice cubes from a herbal tea (mint, calendula etc.). You should use them in the morning and evening as good tonic for your skin.  Light touch of ice will do a lifting effect, and healthy features of herbs will reduce swelling.  Besides, skin will get use to the cold and won’t feel as much irritated from cold winds.

For me it works pretty well, though if you already have thin skin and redness from broke vessels, do not over use procedure.

Aside from environmental factors, our inner state has huge impact on our skin. Try to get enough sleep and start taking vitamins. Also cut out bad habit of sitting in front of your PC and TV. Instead, go outside despite grey clouds and slobber.  Half and hour walk will help your skin get enough oxygen and definitely will pump up your mood.

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