5 things that will ruin your look

There are some things that could really spoil look of even most beautiful woman.  Let’s face our enemies; because prevention is always easier than fixing.

Dirty hair always were and will be the worth thing to see on a woman. Even most gorgeous hair will look awful if dirty.  I know some of us try not to wash their hair every day, but there are a lot of dry shampoos out there on the shop shelves. Five minutes spent with dry shampoo and hair brush even, if you are in deep wilderness will make you look much better   So don’t pretend to be Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, however I think both if them should wash their hair more often.

Ungroomed eyebrows, for me personally it’s equal to bad manners. Some if us apply eye makeup, skipping eyebrows. Pair of tweezers will help you.  After all they certainly frame the face and but with groomed brows, it can instantly make you look more polished even if you don’t wear any makeup on.

Bad breath; all the charm and mystery will disappear quickly because of smell.  And if don’t feel like being associated with chewer, make sure your dental hygiene includes more than chewing gum.  Use special sprays; you can find these in any drug store.  Visiting dentist might be a good idea too, as you know bad teeth and beauty don’t get along.

Bad manicure; hands are probably second thing people pay attention to. Keep your hands and nails neat and clean.

Irregular depilation; if you are not playing king Leonidas bristles is not your thing.  Keep your legs and other parts smooth.

And don’t forget there is always common sense in pursuit of beauty.

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