3 most common misbelieves about pedicure

Most part of the women honestly believes that they do pedicure according to the rules, and therefore there is no need to spend a fortune on salon visit or proper nail care tools. Well, we do use different electronic devices at home, and yet we don’t consider ourselves as electrician expert.

Thus, so called women “knowledge” in pedicure case raises serious doubts among professionals: a lot of women mistake while doing pedicure at home, due to some believes in myths about pedicure. Let’s clear things out…

Myth #1 to avoid ingrown toe nails you have to cut them really shortly.The right length is that one you are comfortable with i.e. you don’t feel pain wearing shoes with closed toe.
Usually ingrown nail appears not because of its long length, but rather due to its shortness and cut corners. You have to cut your nails parallel to growing line, barely shortening the corners. Manicure scissors will be a great help. Specialists recommend not saving on these tools, because only high quality instruments allow doing a straight cross-section of nail.
Moreover, we shouldn’t forget about shoes either: too tight or too pointy shoes may cause ingrown nail too. Remember, trying and buying a new pair of shoes, make sure you feel comfortable.

Myth #2 the only panacea from calluses is a razor.Really dangerous myth that can causes dangerous injuries; even in really trained hands, sharp razor won’t stop being a weapon, which could seriously damage your soles.  To remove hard skin or calluses there are more humane ways to do it.
I am talking about special tool called scrapers with different abrasive surfaces. Glass foot files will not only help to take care of your soles, but also will shape your toe nails.
And, by the way, go through your shoe collection-your legs deserve only the comfortable.

Myth #3 Artificial toe nails are mauvais ton.When we are talking about artificial toe nails, we don’t usually mean making them longer, what we do mean is to bring more aesthetic look.
It really helps when due to some reasons your nails are not shiny anymore. Layers covering nail surface protects it from external mechanical damages.
Moreover, today, when we have so many new invented materials like, bioakryl it became possible not only to hide some irregularities, but also to harden and recover a nail plate. Also nail extension procedure prevents nail ingrown, because while modeling, specialist corrects nail plate shape and growing direction.

But is always up to you, what you and how you want things to be done. Let us be wise.

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