3 best things you could do to your hair

You can combine all three steps or use them separately; in any case you will realize visible “WOW” effect very soon.

1. Use a good quality brush every day.  Your hair deserves to be brushed with natural hair brush. Natural bristles within synthetic pins will massage your scalp allowing your hair to be healthier and look shinier. Plus skins massage always a good thing to increase blood circulation.

2. Get the hair treatment “Keratin Intensive Treatment” in Paul Mitchell salon.

The name of procedure slightly reminds of well-known “Brazilian keratin straitening” procedure, but these two treatments are totally different. During the Paul Mitchell procedure your hair treated with keratin without any further straitening actions, preserving natural look; and you don’t have to spend few days without washing your hair. Actually you can enjoy the result within couple hours.

Why do you have to do this procedure? Well, if you dye or bleach your hair this salon treatment is one of the must dos.

3.  Spend some money and get yourself L’Oréal Professionel Mythic Oil.

I have mentioned in one of my post pros of Mythic Oil; texture is very light and won’t make your hair look greasy. You can apply on wet and dry hair, suits every hair type, has wonderful smell and makes your hair look their best.

Simple steps to simple beauty.

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