13 Facts about Lashes

We all love and admire long and beautiful lashes, which definitely are the key features in human look.
But did you know that?

That only mammals have eye lashes.

That human lash life cycle is  90 days, less than you would expect.

Main function of lashes is preventing from dust and insects.

Upper lid is twice denser and  has about 200 lashes, when the lower lid has about 100.

Long lashes symbolize femininity in many cultures, probably it’s the main reason whey Kardashians are so popular 🙂

Embryo’s lashes are developing between 7th and 8th weeks of pregnancy.

The color of lashes maybe different from hair color.

Camel’s eyelashes are surprisingly long and thick, because habitation area; desert brings a lot of sand with the wind.

Women in Ancient Egypt already now how to dye their lashes, as always pioneers in everything.

Women in Ancient Rome used mixture of plumb and water to dye their lashes.

In 1917 American company Maybelline created the first mascara consisting of black coal and Vaseline, novelty become immediately popular.

Physiognomy specialists say that eyelashes are very important feature, which determines person’s character. In old times, who had poor lashes been considered as mean and viper and people tried to avoid him. In modern movies such bold eyes usually key features of “bad” or “loser” guy.
And one more last thing to mention about misconception; if you cut your eye lashes they will never grow back. They will, just very slowly for about five month.

As always in pursuit of beauty don’t forget who you really are.

P.S. Just recent news about eyelashes, some celebrities like Kristen Stewart don’t remove their mascara from the eyelashes, ever.

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