10 most common female fixations

It might sound a little inappropriate for the blog, but surfing around, reading other blogs and comments I saw many comments start with “Oh, I’m, so jealous, could never wear…done…try… because I am so thin, big, clumsy” and list can go on. C’mon people, this isn’t right, we should love ourselves and accept the very best of us.  The great writer Jean Dutourd once said: “The worth thing about inferiority complex is that actually who suffer from it, are the last ones to do so”. However female inferiority complex is quite common thing. Causes usually our own thoughts and self critics; this complex starts developing from early childhood, whether it’s inappropriate practical joke, insult or just simple parent remark.

Unfortunately, today’s women could just stand in front of a mirror and immediately she will notice parenthetic legs, big nose, small breast or big tushie. At this exact moment, she will never admit that these small differences make her special. So, what are the most common complexes we have?

Complex of imperfect bodyWay too big, way to thin or simply nothing at all- sounds familiar? According to statistic 7 women out of 10 have “problems” with their bodies.
Women who decide to fight this complex tend to share her fears and emotions. In ideal situation, she uses help of professional psychiatrist who helps her, meanwhile keeping her secrets. If she is not satisfied with “soul doctors” she goes to the nutrition specialist who helps her to gain or lose weight.

Complex of imperfect faceIt really doesn’t matter which part of her face makes her sad, whether it is a nose, eyes or whole face. Main thing- she has a thing.  Well, to get rid of the “problem” many of us jump (thankfully not under the train) on to the table of plastic surgeon. But don’t you think it’s little too much, just to change your way of thinking? Good makeup advises, new accessories and voila you end up loving yourself as you are, without blood and swollen face.

Complex of bad sexWell, it happens to everyone at least once in a lifetime. Not necessarily, but probably a person will have this complex afterwards. Women have it usually after first unlucky experience.
Complex of bad sexual experiences is tough to fight, only professional psychologist and sexpert will help you to erase memories from your subconscious. However, if you  had it recently just work on it, try to talk it out with your partner. Or the most loved women therapy? Shopping; new sexy underwear, adult toys and movies- good reasons for a new start without complexes.

Height complexPetite girls hide this complex under high heels, better to say on high heels and oppositely tall girls do not allow themselves anything higher than pair of ballerinas.  If we say that petite girls look tender and fragile and real feminine, it like we say nothing. And tall girls should always remember that fashion doors open for the girls whos height is 175+ centimetres.
Different strokes for different folks, you can’t make everyone like you. So, when you fight this complex, be yourself tall or short. And who knows where you will meet your prince, who will love you as you are.

Loser complex
When Kate’s husband a super successful businessman, Stacy travels a lot and Nicole just got a new pair of Louboutines, hard to be joyful. Most often problem lays in low self-esteem. Try to follow the example of someone successful, award yourself even for smallest achievements. Change yourself, do something you dreamed of. The positive results won’t take long.

 Jealousy complexOthello followers or just jealous girls have to fight this one. While trying not to lose someone you love, you show him that you are weak. Well, and to be honest who does need a weak and needy person?

Miss Perfect complexAlways best? No fails, only forward? Hm, congratulations- you got it! You can be as best as you are, but without constant competitions and moving forward does not mean full of fixations.
To make your life easier start hanging out with your friends more, be happy for their achievements and stop showing off yourself.

Mother Teresa complex At no meaning, I am not trying to deny her incredible life and things she has done. But, you should think of yourself, if helping others is your life goal? You could just change the love flow into a different direction, say start helping close ones.

Love, love complexTo love and being loved it is a dream of any women. However list of “loves” could have more than dozen of items, and you could totally forget about love till the end of life. Try to avoid people with whom there is no foreseeable future.

Passivity complex“Life goes on, and there is no point to change it”-that’s how women without initiative think. But the truth is life is not all clear sailing in calm waters, and to change is what are we meant to do. Start being more active and you will see life has a lot of surprises for you.

Fixations and complexes are enemies, which keep us from being and feeling beautiful. Go on the war path and start fighting them as hard as you can.

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