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Hello Dear visitor of our blog,

First started as company blog, Mont Bleu’s Beauty blog (formerly known to few people as Czech Glass Nail Files blog) eventually become more than just a company newsletter. We, the people who worker at Mont Bleu, like all kind of stuff and we decided that we will share it with people who like the same stuff.

We could say the most popular topics on our blog would be these: beauty trends, cosmetic ideas, useful “how to” advices, latest news in the world of beauty, nails and many more that interests our beloved customers and readers; all of it you can find staying updated with our latest posts.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us, please do so.

Mont Bleu is not only people who work here, it’s also products we make here. You can read more about Mont bleu company on this page.

Mont BleuYours truly, Mont Bleu team.

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