Original glass nail files

Clear, color and decorated nail files made of Czech tempered glass

Table of contents:
-    What is a Classic line?
-    Details about nail files in this line:
-    Clear
-    Color
-    Printed
-    Sandblasted
-    Promotional
-    Hand Painted
-    Foot Scraper
-    Hard Case
-    Other lines.
-    Where to buy?

•    Classic line.

Classic line is the first line of crystal nail files Mont Bleu introduced, that’s why we call it Classic. It has the cheapest types, the clear and color files.

glass nail files color rainbow

This line includes plain and decorated glass nail files in all standard sizes (small, medium and foot). Each glass nail file from Classic line is presented in protective case. The protective case can be soft plastic, velvet (suede) or hard plastic case for maximum protection.

All files in this line share same advantages as all crystal glass nail files. All our files are made in Czech Republic by Mont Bleu.

•    Detailed descriptions of files included in this line:

glass nail files

Transparent – a plain, clear glass nail file in its original form as we all know it and which we use as a base to make all other types of files.

color glass nail files

Color – one and two colored files, which can be considered as the most popular glass nail files. Matt, shiny, white, black, blue, green, pink, and all Rainbow colors are available. We can also match pantone colors and corporate colors. The paint is exposed to heat treatment to make sure it will serve as long as the file itself.

Printed – back printing or silk printing is a decoration method used mostly for promotional purposes, when making corporate gift or similar. It can be also used for making custom designs, where other types of decoration won’t bring the wanted detail. The ink is high quality and won’t come off.

promo glass nail files

Sandblasted – superior technology of glass decorative coating used widely in Bohemia. This method is appropriate for applying corporate logo or making custom designs, and can be compared to laser etching and engraving.

promo glass nail files

Promotional – unique glass nail file in your company colors and with your logo for your corporate events. Promo nail files are often used as promotional item for their super features and high demand. They can be used as corporate gifts, promo item, or a subsidiary product to a branded set. Most popular are sandblasted and printed logo techniques or full color 3D labels.

hand painted glass nail files

Hand Painted – files decorated with severe patterns, or paintings of animals, flowers and plants. We have some themed styles as well, like Africa (inspired by the hottest continent). It is one of many ways of decorating a nail file, but surely it is also one of the best. Check more hand painted crystal nail files in Exclusive category.

Scraper glass foot file

Foot Scraper – 160mm/6.3 inches long and 6mm/0.24 inches thick glass foot file with a unique two abrasive surfaces, different on each side. It’s specially made for removing coarse skin (callus) from your feet’s heels.

glass nail files in hard case

Hard Case – glass nail file in hard plastic case for maximum protection of the file in a purse or when you travel. It’s available in several color variations.

•    Other lines we have in our assortment.

Swarovski crystal nail files

Exclusive glass nail files – beautifully designed nail files made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

jewelled crystal nail files

Jewellry crystal nail files – exquisite nail files made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS and silver, gold bronze and semiprecious stones.

•    Where to buy our files?

If you are a wholesaler or retailer, or interested to buy our files in bulk to resell them, please contact us now for a quote.

To buy them for you or as a gift use our e-shop.

•    Additional information.

Don’t be fooled! Only Czech made glass and crystal nail files guarantee healthy nails, it is possible because of specific characteristics of Bohemian glass and crystal. No other country is capable of offering such outstanding quality!

Beauty salon, beauty salons suppliers – we offer you special one sided glass nail files with or without your logo. Crystal glass nail file will serve you longer than paper or metal nail files, and will never damage your client’s nails.