Czech made Crystal nail files

Production process of crystal nail files in Czech Republic

Table of contents:
-    How crystal nail file is made?
-    What it’s made of?
-    What sizes are available?
-    What’s so special about them?
-    Where to buy them.
-    Available package options.

•    How crystal nail file is made?

Manufacturing crystal nail files is a combination of modern technologies with traditional Bohemian crystal and glass processing methods. Both semi-automatic processes and hand work help us bring you the modern day nail care toolCrystal nail file.

making crystal glass nail files

The most important steps in the process are (several important steps can’t be published due to trade secret):

1.    Cutting original hardened Czech glass sheets into smaller pieces
2.    Carving traditional nail file forms from the glass sheets
3.    Putting the forms into special formulated acid
4.    The award winning life-long abrasive surface for nail filling is created, from this step it’s the crystal nail file in its almost final form
5.    Sanding up the ends of crystal nail files by hand, it will give the file safety edges
6.    Tempering process to make files more durable and more resistant to unexpected drops – the clear crystal nail files are ready
7.    Decoration:
a)    Coloring – special paint is applied on the handle, with additional heat processing to fix the paint
b)    Beautifying – hand painting or enchasing with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

decorating crystal glass nail files

•    What crystal nail file is made of?

For producing crystal nail files we use only high quality hardened Czech glass. Only this type of glass can be used for making original glass nail files with all the advantages it brings. There is a common misbelieve that some files are made of pure crystal, which is wrong. Please read more about difference between glass and crystal nail files.

When producing and decorating our files we use only safe to health and earth friendly recyclable materials. We are proud owners of Health Certificate issued by National Institute of Public Health in Prague; this institute is confirmed by Ministry of Health in Czech Republic.
Glass is one of the materials that can be easily recyclable and restored. All our waste is professionally recycled.

•    Available sizes:

Standard lengths of crystal nail file are:
90mm/3.54 inches – often referred to as small, purse or travel size
135mm/5.32 inches – medium or normal size
195mm/7.68 inches – large, big, professional and foot size

Standard thickness of small and medium glass nail file is 2mm/0.08 inches; large can be 3mm/0.12 inches or 4mm/0.16 inches.

For special orders more sizes are available: 70mm/2.76in, 115mm/4.53in, 140mm/5.51in, 155mm/6.10in, 185mm/7.28in and 200mm/7.87in length etc.

Please see the info-graphic for more information.

basic glass nail files

Click on the picture to see it enlarged

Crystal nail files for beauty salons – one sided crystal nail file, which is safer for masters not to damage skin during procedures. For pedicure procedures, we recommend to use large crystal nail files with 3mm thickness.

Crystal nail files designed by you – we can bring to life you vision using painting method of decoration, enhance with Swarovski crystals, print, engrave with sandblasting technology.

•    What’s so special about Czech files?

They are ideal care for your nails – they prevent them from splitting and do not damage them in any way.

They will last a lifetime – we provide guaranty on filing surface.

Read more about main features.

crystal nail files

•    Where to buy our files

E-shop to buy for yourself or as gifts
Contact us to buy them wholesale directly from manufacturer

•    Packages and display stands.

Individual packaging can be plastic PVC cases or velvet sleeves in different colors, including burgundy, black, blue and green. Files should be in individual packaging all the time they are not used to prevent from breakage from accident drops.

As an addition, you can require PVC blister to easily show on your display desks and bar-code with short description in your language.

We offer display stands for nail files in 4 different sizes and capacity, on demand we can also offer special label, for improvement of your selling point. We provide complete POS kits for retailers interested in our files.

crystal nail files displays

To request more information about prices and place orders please contact us:

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