Luxury gifts made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Lighters, name card cases, key rings, pens hand decorated

Table of contents:
-    Luxury gifts.
-    Details about products:
-    Personal accessories (pens, card cases, etc..)
-    Smoking accessories
-    Key rings
-    Beauty tools
-    Crystal nail files
-    Gift sets
-    For home
-    Other groups of products.
-    Where to buy?

•    Luxury gifts.


Luxury gifts and personal and smoking accessories are presented in this line, all of which are decorated by hand with genuine SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. These items are perfect as a gift for people you care about, including yourself.

swarovski luxury gifts crystals

All products come from our trusted, and tested by time, suppliers from many countries including Germany, France, Italy and Czech Republic. We pick suppliers that have strict quality control, care about their name and can bring us only quality items.

We watch trends closely and try to bring in new items that people are looking for at the moment, keep in touch with us for more hot items which Mont Bleu decorates with Swarovski crystals.

As a decorator and producer (of crystal nail files and crystal jewelry), we are interested in wholesalers and retailers that want to introduce our products to their customers or want to distribute our items in their territory. Private label is also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


•    Details about products.

swarovski luxury gifts

Luxury personal accessories – include different trifles which can brighten your office desk or a small accessory which you can take with you. Mont Bleu combines unique design, precise hand work and world known Swarovski crystals, so your everyday items can bling with new look. Name card cases, letter openers, pens, money holders, key rings, magnifiers, pill boxes, luggage locks, bag hangers and spectacle cases all decorated with Swarovski crystals.

women lighters

Smoking accessories – refillable women cigarette lighters; pocket ashtrays, lighter cases for BIC lighters; – it’s a short list of what you can see on the related page. To enrich our assortment our designers came up with many color variations, what broad pallets of crystal colors from Swarovski allows us to do. Add a little sparkle to your flame. This will be a great choice as gift for her.

Key rings – as simple as they can be key rings are an everyday item for a lot of people. Mont Bleu can highlight them in their very own special way. And it’s not only crystals of the highest quality that only Swarovski can make, it is also the unique design Mont Bleu offers.

Luxury beauty tools

Luxury beauty tools – small items like Swarovski pocket mirror can make your day brighter.

luxury crystal nail files

Crystal nail files – best nail care tool on the market you can find right now, lifelong guaranty on the filling surface and they are gentle to your nails. Crystal nail files are available just with color, or with Swarovski crystals.

PC accessories

Computer accessories that consist of mouse, usb flash drives and headphones. These are one of the fastest growing and evolving products right now, we try to keep up with it and offer usb flash drives with bigger capacity, mouse with better characteristics. Top technology meets with top design thanks to Mont Bleu.

Mobile accessories – hand free Bluetooth headset and mobile charms can make your everyday use of your cell phone safer, more comfortable and add a little wow to the look of you phone at the same time. Mont Bleu uses only Swarovski crystals in decoration.

Gift sets – we made these sets for you, picking different products of Mont Bleu. Tweezers, pocket mirrors, glass nail files, and many other things, the main requirement is that all items should be decorated with Swarovski crystals and counterpart with each other.

Home accessories and decor – very diversify group that includes salt and peppers (Mike and Ikes), glassware, glass and ceramic tiles with Swarovski crystals. Mont Bleu comes with an idea, for people who will like it of course, that almost every item in your house can be blinged with crystals from SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.


•    Other groups of products.


If you are a wholesaler and you didn’t find anything that will interest you customers, try visiting other groups of products Mont Bleu can offer you, like glass nail files, crystal jewelry or luxury beauty items. You can always contact us for any questions:

Mont Bleu s.r.o.
Tel/Fax: + 420 241 405 918
Mobile: +420 608 639 331

•    Where to buy?


To buy any of the mentioned products for personal use, please visit our official e-shop.