Luxury beauty tools made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Pocket mirrors, eyebrow tweezers, nail scissors and hair brushes

Table of contents:
-    Beauty tools
-    Details about products:
-    Eyebrow tweezers
-    Pocket mirrors
-    Glass nail files
-    Nail scissors
-    Manicure sets
-    Makeup brushes
-    Hair Brushes
-    Hair Barrettes
-    Other groups of products.
-    Where to buy?

•    Beauty Tools.


Luxury beauty tools or accessories for woman, you can call it either way, the main purpose of them is to make beauty, at the same time being a beautiful product.

Luxury beauty tools

All products are from German, French, Italian and Czech suppliers, who carefully watch over quality. After all, we need to have a perfect base to make design completely from Swarovski crystals.

All designs are unique and are a private property of our design studio. All decoration is hand made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.


•    Details about products.

Eyebrow tweezers – professional and semi-professional slanted eyebrow tweezers from stainless steel decorated with Swarovski crystals. Tweezers are supplied in elegant velvet sleeve.

luxury eyebrow tweezers

Pocket mirrors – made of metal or plastic, decorated with Swarovski crystals. Some pocket mirrors are decorated with more than 300 crystals. Swarovski compact mirrors are a great gift for her.

luxury pocket mirrors

Glass nail files – original Czech made glass nail files, beautiful and the best nail care tool there is right now. Glass nail files are available without decoration, hand painted or hand decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Luxury nail files

Nail scissors – professional nail scissors and cuticle scissors made of stainless steel from Germany. These nail scissors are made in Solingen. In our studio we decorate them with Swarovski crystals, making elegant but, at the same time practical items for daily use.

luxury nail scissors

Leather manicure sets – perfect quality German luxury manicure sets with glass nail files, nail scissors and eyebrow tweezers. Available without decoration or with Swarovski crystals.

Makeup brushes – different types of makeup brushes: powder, blusher, make up, eye shadow; decorated with Swarovski crystals. Brushes are with superfine natural and synthetic hair.

luxury makeup brushes

Glass perfume bottles – decorated with plenty of Swarovski crystals. These unique glass perfume bottles are nowhere to be found, except from Mont Bleu.

Wood hair brushes – professional hair brushes made in Germany. Hair brushes that we use for decoration are made with “Pure Jubali” or boar hair. Our hair brushes are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals.

luxury hair brushes

Wood hair barrettes – barrettes from the best sort of wood decorated with famous Swarovski crystals. Unique patterns from more than 700 crystals, requires hours-length hand work. These wood hair barrettes are unique.

Good to know fact – our technology of glue passed many stages, so we are secure about every single item that we produce. Not even one crystal will fall off in daily use.


•    Other groups of products.


Mont Bleu can offer plenty of other hand decorated items; check them in Swarovski gifts, Crystal earrings or Jewellry.

swarovski gifts

•    Where to buy?


If you want buy one of our luxury beauty tools, please visit our official e-shop, for wholesale inquiry please contact us.