Jewellry crystal nail files

Crystal nail files jewelled with crystals, stones, silver and gold

Table of contents:
-    What is a Jewellry line?
-    Details about nail files in this line:
-    Files with Semiprecious stones
-    With Silver
-    With Gold Bronze
-    With Silver and stones
-    Other lines.
-    Emery boards made of crystal or glass?
-    Where to buy?

•    Jewellry line.

“Jewellry” line raises crystal glass nail file to the level of jewellry. This line includes crystal nail files decorated with semiprecious stones, silver, gold and Swarovski Crystals.

All designs are unique and made by Mont Bleu staff. In every category we essentially combined crystals, semiprecious stones and precious metal. This line of crystal nail files was specially created for hotels, luxury beauty salons and jewellry shops, or other businesses who always want something more for their respective clients.

Every single crystal glass nail file comes in black velvet sleeves. On request the colour of the sleeve could be different. Files on this line come only in one size, 135mm/5.32inches.

•    Detailed description.

Files with semiprecious stones – crystal glass nail file is hand decorated with round or oval semiprecious stone and Swarovski crystals. The stones can be artificial or natural and it can include these types: turquoise, hematite, aventurine or gold-stone, sardonyx or agate, howlit. They can match birth stones. On wholesale request we can inquire more stones types.

crystal nail files

Files with Silver – figurine from fine silver and Swarovski crystals adorn medium length crystal glass nail file. Check our silver Zodiac glass nail files as well, if you like nail files jewelled with silver.

crystal nail files

Files with Gold bronze – glass nail files jewelled with vermeil figurines and Swarovski crystals. We have cats, butterflies, sun, heart and Nefertity as the figurines in both silver and gold.

Files with Silver and stones – two different types of decoration with fine silver presented in this category. Some glass nail files adorn with pendant, which can be also wore as bijouterie on neck, while other adorn with figurines.

•    Other lines we have in our assortment.

Luxury glass nail files hand decorated with Swarovski crystals, part of Exclusive group of decorated nail files.

swarovski crystal nail files

Colour glass nail files, and other plain nail files that are part of our Classic group of nail files, where you can also see Scraper foot file.

color glass nail files

We also recommend you to see our Crystal Jewellry products. High quality metal, gorgeous Swarovski crystals make these jewellry pieces unique and valuable, and affordable.

crystal earrings

All crystal nail files and jewellry are made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

Emery boards made of crystal or glass – often people call our files like this, but crystal nail file is not emery board, it is much better than the emery board in so many ways. Where emery board will hurt your nails, the glass nail file will take care of them. Read more about glass nail file and its benefits.

•    Where to buy our files?

To buy one of our jewelled crystal nail files for yourself or as a gift please visit our e-shop.

To place your wholesale order or request more information, please contact us:

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